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Producing the next generation of Man's best friend.

A photograph of one of the Fox Red's used for breeding by Kanzanglaze Labradors, int he back of a forrest green off-road vehicle.
A Kanzan cherry blossom tree in black and white

Fox Red Labradors are not new to the scene. In fact, the first ever recorded photograph of a Yellow Labrador in 1899 is sporting a particularly dark coat - similar to what would be considered the niche Fox Red today. However, it was the fashion of the 20th century which demanded the breeding of the lighter colouring we associate with Yellow Labs. In recent years the Fox Red has gained popularity, but I have owned, trained and used at stud this wonderful breed for over a decade. 

All of the stud dogs we have used both past and present have had excellent reputations and gained notoriety within the Fox Red community.  The wonderful temperament, strong noses, breadth of ability and affectionate demeanour of this breed means they are extremely trainable and are the perfect companion as a working dog or in the home.

A photogrpah of a fox red labrador puppy, posing next to a pair of wellington boots.
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